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Jet Sprint Racing 1.0.4 Released

It has finally been created. This game is packed with speed, awesome sounding engines, levels, boats and much, much more. Speed around race tracks from around the world in only inches of water.

Police Pursuit 1.0.3 Released

Help keep our roads safe. Apprehend and arrest as many criminals as you can on our roads.

Alien Fury 1.0.3 Released

The angriest alien on Earth is unleashing his fury. Based in year 1947, the U.S government captured an alien and took him to Area 51. But he escaped. Don't let the MIB capture him again.

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We are creating a range of apps for mobile devices which will be available for download from both Apple’s and Google’s stores.

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We are working hard at creating a variety of games which we hope will provide alot of enjoyment for everyone.

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Great game!!!!

So much fun with game, Love this game!! Recommended Bogan's Run

Great Addictive Ozzie Game

Great Addictive Ozzie Game Bogan's Run

Awesome game.

She's a ripper, beauty mate. Bogan's Run