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Alien Fury

A peaceful alien species on an exploration mission to earth was shot down shot down in Roswell, New Mexico by the US military. The US government want their technology. The single alien was captured and taken to a secret military base called Area 51. But now he has escaped. The government has sent in their secret force, known as men in black to capture him. But the alien is angry. Very angry. He will not get captured again without a fight. He is unleashing his fury on them to survive.

To play

  • Using just your finger, swipe the screen up, down, left or right to fight the agents off.

This game was seriously fun to create.

The awesome background track was created by Izera

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Aussie Slang Generator

Learn the Aussie language! Learn how to speak like a true blue Aussie. Listen to how Australians say things, using our unique style. This app simply generates many of the every day sayings that we incorporate into our daily lives. Listen and practice. It has over 70 sayings that you can listen too and try on your friends. Created by real Australians.
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Bird Racing

Get set, race! Race your bird and last as long as you can as you fly and avoid the obstacles. This game is surprising fun, addictive and frustrating. The longer you last, the quicker you go. It has all the characteristics of being an easy game to play for all ages and will keep you wanting to play more.
There are 2 game modes
  • Single Player
  • Two Player
There are different levels to choose from.
  • City
  • Night
  • Mountains
  • Desert
  • Country
There are different birds to choose from There are different levels and birds to choose from, each with their own advantages
  • Spencer
  • Mack
  • Butch
  • Princess
  • Maverick
  • Ice
  • Slick
  • Jules
  • Brizey
  • Raven
The longer you fly, the faster you go. Complete against other players around the world to become a true bird racing champ.

To play

  • Using just your finger, tap screen to make bird fly

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Bogan's Run

It's a car game, but not as you know it!

Honk your horn, do a burnout and chuck a donut to be the biggest nuisance as possible. Bogan's Run is a fun, silly, exciting, addictive, engaging and action packed game designed to bring out the Aussie in everyone, not just us Australians! It has 4 exciting game modes to suit all types of players and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your age. It contains fantastic sounds and in-game commentary, Australian colloquialisms and hundreds of missions that a player can undertake. The game has over 30 cars, 64 levels and over 300 stages to unlock! Mate, you will be kept busy. You get rewarded for doing a burnout, honking your horn and even doing a donut! Your status is determined by the number of achievements you unlock while playing the game and how many gold stars you get at the end of each level. Just a tip. Sometimes you have to try and cheat, to pass stage! Like, start driving before the game even starts. Just a little tip. There are four game modes you can try and they are all very different from each other:
  • Time Trial - Complete the stages for each level as quickly as you can. Levels range from car parks, residential streets, an airport and even there is a basketball court to race around. Plus many others.
  • Survival - Last as long as you can and avoid security guards, police officers, doctors, paramedics, pedestrians, cheer leaders and even mascots on the various levels. Even though you will try not to be caught, too bad mate, they always get you! The aim of this mode is to last as long as you can.
  • Demolition - Instead of running from people, you have to make sure you get to them first. You will have to see how quickly you can complete each stage by getting everyone in your car.
  • Burnout - Do as many donuts as you can. Simple as that. The better the car, the more donuts you can do.
If you love a challenge, then this game will give you exactly that. If you want to listen to Australian colloquial sayings, then this game is jam packed with them too. There is so much inside this game. This game is free, so why not give it a try mate!.

If you want to view some of the videos of in game footage, check out this link to our blog

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Bumblebee Bounce

Help Buzz the Bumblebee bounce his way out of trouble. Bumblebee bounce is a fun and addictive game which will challenge everyone and make you keep playing to get the highest score you can. Collect coins, super jumps, time extensions and shields to last as long as you can. Aimed at all ages, Bumblebee Bounce is seriously fun stuff.
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Flip Flop Flinger

How good are you at throwing your flip flop? To become a flip flop flinger throwing legend, you have to hit as many targets as you can while running but don't run off the screen This game is very challenging and addictive and the more targets you hit, the faster you go.

To play

  • Using just your finger, tap screen to change direction and throw

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Highway Hopper

Similar to the old Frogger game you have to avoid oncoming vehicles on a highway and long as you can. Keep your adrenaline pumping by moving and dodge cars to last as long as you can. If you stop moving you will die.

To play

  • Using just your finger, tap just left or right of the player to make him hop.

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Icy Track

Seriously addictive, seriously fun! The aim of the game is to collect the coins at each end of the track as many times as you can without falling off. It is harder than you think.

To play,

  • Using just your finger tap the screen to make the cube move
  • Using just your finger tap the screen for the cube change direction

You are only allowed a couple of taps to correct your slide, so use them carefully.
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Jet Sprint Boat Racing

Welcome to the world of Jet Sprint Boat Racing. In this game, you get to drive the fastest machines on water known to man and race them in only inches of water! They are super fast, agile, loud and awesome! The aim of the game is to get the fastest time for each of the stages as you can and at the same time become a Jet Sprint Boat Racing legend. You get to race around tracks from all around the world and compete against other players from around the world too. This game is packed full of boats, levels and stages and it will keep you busy.

The game has:

  • 13 jet powered boats to choose from
  • 6 Levels to unlock
  • 36 stages to complete

The levels are

  • Box Lands - Australia
  • Diamond Lip - New Zealand
  • Derby - England
  • Spinner (aka Fidget Spinner) - USA
  • Hanger - Australia
  • Paddocks - USA
You have total control over your boat. To move the boat you can either touch it directly, or use the inbuilt steering wheel. You can make the boat go faster by moving the accelerator control up and down. If you love a challenge, then this game will give you exactly that. There is so much inside this game and it's free, so why not give it a try.

The awesome background track was created by Izera

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Nudie Run

Get ready for a nudie run. You have to do as many nudie runs as you can across a football pitch without hitting any of the cooler boxes. Become the nudie run legend and tell all your friends!

To play,

  • Using just your finger tap the screen to make the hero run
  • Using just your finger tap the screen for him to change direction

Lots of fun for all ages. Bazza from Bogan's Run is making another appearance in this game.
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Police Pursuit

Help keep our roads safe. Apprehend and arrest as many criminals as you can on our roads. There are -13 super fast police cars to choose from - 8 levels to unlock

To play,

  • Using just your finger tap the screen to change the cars direction

This game needs lighting reflexes and a thrill for speed. Have fun being a police officer.
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Road Crossing Rescue

Oh no, there are puppies that need to cross the road. You need to help them get to the other side safely. However, the crazy, grumpy grannies, won't let you cross. Jump, hop and avoid them as you rescue these adorable puppies. See how many you can save. They need your help.

To play

  • Using just your finger, tap the buttons to move left and right

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Wing Suit Flyer

The year is 2155 and the ultimate sport is Wing Suit Flying. Fly your way through as many check points as you can on some of Earth's Alien Colonies.

To play,

  • Using just your finger tap the screen to make the hero change direction

This game is fun and easy to play and seriously challenging.
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Great game!!!!

So much fun with game, Love this game!! Recommended Bogan's Run

Great Addictive Ozzie Game

Great Addictive Ozzie Game Bogan's Run

Awesome game.

She's a ripper, beauty mate. Bogan's Run