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Information about what we do

The history of Izzit

Izzit was created out of the fact that my wife was always talking about people and their look a likes, whether it be one of our friends, or a celebrity on TV, the guy at the shop etc. She was always saying that "don't you think X looks like Y?". Well, to be totally honest too, I am always doing the same too! We had dabbled with this idea about creating a website where people could upload photos and compare one or more photos, with a comment for several years, but nothing ever eventuated with this. However, once yoCAP! and yo BUBBLE! were created, it only took a couple of days, to take the core functionality that we had created in these other two apps, and create a third in the trifecta of meme tools. Izzit [More]

Another meme tool yo BUBBLE!

yo BUBBLE was really a follow on from the its sibling yoCAP! which is a meme generation tool for IOS. yoCAP! had some really good feedback about its customizable templates and advanced text editing capabilities, but there were requests about whether or not the app could create speech bubble memes. At first we experimented with having the feature contained within yoCAP! but quickly realised that it made sense to put this functionality into an app dedicated to this. Hence, yo BUBBLE! was born. This app is totally free and has some fantastic features not found in other meme tools. To read more about what it can and can't do visit http://www.yobubble.net/ [More]

And yo CAP! was born

yoCAP! is the very first meme editing tool that we created. I had personally seen many meme tools out there on the appstore, some were pretty cool, however, most of them lacked the ability to scale, rotate, crop, edit and apply effects on your photos. Those that did, were not free or they were quite cumbersome to use. Some even crashed repeatedly! I have always been interested in how social media impacts our everyday lives, especially how visualizations of imagery can convey different meanings or have such an effect on our opinions. [More]