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Our very first mobile App.... Budget Buddy

Budget Buddy is still one of my favourite apps, that I still use on a weekly basis. It was originally created out of the need to keep track of my expenses because I wanted to save for a holiday. It originally started out as a spread sheet in excel, which really wasn't the best medium to use, because you needed a PC in order to use it. I had seen apps out there on the appstore which were finance applications but most of them were a bit too complex for what I wanted to use them for. I just wanted a simple application that would take my income sources and minus all of my daily life expenses to give me an indication of how much I was saving (sometimes loosing) each day, week, month or year. My spread sheet did a really good job of this for years and it made sense to create an IOS version app of it and give it away to the world for free. So I did. That's when Budget Buddy was created. [More]