Software Development

Custom code to help your business

Our extensive software development experience ensures that we follow industry best practices when we develop our solutions. We develop our products to ensure that it is easily supported by your business and by your employees. During the development cycle, we will ask the right questions, understand your requirements and build a solution exactly the way you want.

3 Reasons why we should write your software

We write unit, integration and behaviour tests

Writing tests ensures that you software is doing what it is meant to

We use design patterns

We make sure the code follows maintainable and supportable architectures. We use industry standard approaches that makes it easier support

We use innovative tools

We use tools such as Refactor to optimise our time when writing code

What We Offer

  • Desktop Applications

    Software that is installed and runs on your desktop or laptop machine

    We are able to create custom desktop applications that your business may need. We use the latest in technologies and follow industry best practice when creating our software. This ensures that the product is easy to extend, modify and support.

  • Server Applications

    Software that is installed and run on a server

    We are able to help build solutions that are able to process high volumes of requests and also solutions that can run on demand. We are able to create windows services, extract-transform-load (ETL) solutions and Rest API's

  • Legacy Applications

    We can help make changes to existing systems

    We not only build new systems, but we can help modify existing systems that you have on premise or in the cloud. To find out whether we can help you, please contact us.

  • Cloud Applications

    Build software that runs in the cloud

    We have experience developing software that runs in Azure. It can be more cost effective developing solutions that run in the cloud because it reduces the technical complexities of running it on your own infrastructure. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

The Questions

Custom software development for your business is becoming very important. Due to the increased advances in technology, and the need to simplify processes and data management, an integrated system can streamline business processes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Desktop applications are installed on a personal or work computer desktop. Web applications can be accessed through the Internet (or through an Intranet) using a Web Browser (such as Internet Explorer or Chrome). While both types of applications are software-based, software for the "Web based" application doesn't run on your computer, it is accessed via the web browser and the application actually sits on another computer.

The cloud refers to software and services that run on a server located on the internet, instead of running on a machine that is located on your premise. Most of these cloud services are accessed through a common web browser (such as Chrome) or can be accessed by a dedicated mobile application.

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Still confused?

Still not sure if we can help? Here is a list of things that we have compiled that can help you.

Benefits of custom software development

Building a solution to help with a requirement that you have can not only save you time and money, but it can also add value to your organisation's work processes. Some of the benefits are:

  • The software is tailor made to your exact business requirements
  • It increases productivity within your work place by performing tasks quicker and more efficiently
  • It can be modified as your business changes
  • It is more supportable because you have access to the code

Our 5 Step Software Development Approach

We use Agile for all software development. This approach allows you as the customer to identify what we work on and when

  1. Anaysis
    Understand your business
    Understand your requirements and budget
  2. Proposal
    Develop design specification
    Send you a customised software proposal
    Agree upon design and scope
  3. Implement
    Build and test software
    Test & get feedback from you
    Make changes where required
  4. Deploy
    Go live with software
  5. Support and monitor
    Provide documentation and training for your software

Ready to work with us? Lets have a chat on +61 (08) 7111 3390

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