Web Design & Development

We develop innovative web solutions to help your business

Our team are able to assist you throughout every step of your project when designing your website or building your website. We are technology agnostic, meaning we will find a suitable solution based on your requirements. With extensive expertise developing websites, we will deliver the perfect solution for you.

6 Reasons why we should build your website

We know our stuff

We know HTML, CSS, Javascript and most of the web development technologies

We can create beautiful designs

We can make sites that pop, dazzle and make users say wow

We can create mobile first sites

We can build websites that look great on all device screens

We can create websites that are SEO optimised

We know what to include in your sites say search engines can find your content

We can create dazzling fast and responsive websites

Making your site load fast and looks great is challenging, but we can do it

We can create websites that you can manage the content by yourselves

Using CMS technologies, the power is in your hands to modify what you want your users to see

What We Offer

  • Umbraco Websites

    Built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework, Umbraco is completely FREE, Open Source and incredibly flexible.

    Umbraco is an open-source CMS platform for publishing content to internet and intranet solutions. There are over 500,000 websites powered by Umbraco CMS, from startups, charities, global brands and fortune 500 companies. It is an ideal solution to future proof your business. We will guide you through the process of developing a solution which meets your goals, strategy and budget requirements.

  • WordPress Websites

    One of the world's most popular CMS technologies used by business for an online presence

    WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites around the world and is one of the most popular and favoured CMS because of its ease of use, ability to customise and self administer. Our WordPress expertise ensures that we will build a high-performance and user-friendly website for your needs. We will guide you through the process of developing a solution which meets your goals, strategy and budget requirements.

  • Squarespace Websites

    Allows users to use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create and modify webpages

    A suitable entry level platform for very basic websites that require very little knowledge about internet development. Recommended for websites that are going to be similar to a business card or portfolio of your work.

  • Office 365 SharePoint Websties

    Build world class intranet websites for your business

    Help improve collaboration within your organisation by creating Office 365 SharePoint websites. Enabling your workforce to access important documents from anywhere in the world. Leveraging Microsoft's Office 365 platform, you can have sophisticated, secure and innovative solutions to give your business a competitive edge.

  • eCommerce Solutions

    Millions of internet users buy goods and services from eCommerce enabled websites from all around the world. Having an eCommerce website allows you to sell your products to an online audience and helps increase your conversion rate.

    Creating a customised and effective eCommerce solution is vital to your business' success in a very competitive and consumer savy market place. Having an online presence helps makes sure that potential customers find your product information quicker. We will guide you through the process of developing a solution which meets your goals, budget and requirements.

  • Custom Website Integrations

    If your existing website has the need to integrate with other platforms, we can help.

    If you need your site to integrate with social media platforms, payment gateways, address verification services, Business to Business services (B2B) or your back end systems, then we can help. System integrations are unique to every use case and we are happy to help define the scope and work closely with you to implement it.

  • Intranet Websites

    If your organisation needs an intranet, or an internal web application, then we can help

    If you require a line of business website that needs developing, then we can assist. Most enterprise organisations use ASP.NET MVC because of its stability and maturity. We prefer and recommend creating custom websites with this technology because its built upon Microsoft's .NET platform.

The Questions

With so many options to consider when building a website, there are a few things to consider before you make the final decision. We believe that you should understand what it is you want from your website now and in the future. Choosing a solution and technology that future proofs your website is often not thought about when getting a website built. We will guide you through this process, arming you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.

The scope of your project affects how much your website will cost to build. The more complicated the work, the higher the cost. We understand that budgets vary for every customer and we work closely with you from the very beginning to give you an accurate idea of all the costs associated with it.

Generally our customers will spend between $5-$15k for their websites:

  • Simple CMS solution starts at $5k
  • Medium CMS and eCommerce solution starts at $15k
  • Enterprise CMS with complex integrations start at $50k

The more complex your website, the longer it takes to build. Every solution varies, and this variation comes down to the scope of our engagement and also how long it takes on your end to gather content and provide feedback.

  • Simple CMS systems can take 3-4 weeks
  • eCommerce website can take 6-12 weeks
  • Custom integrations can take 2-20 weeks

We certainly can. We are able to build an eCommerce solution that helps your business sell goods and services on the internet.

Maybe. If you want a website where all the content is administrated by you then you won't need any involvement from us. However, if you require additional functionality then you will need us to help implement it.

There are several things that we recommed customers do before engaging any company to help them build a website.

  • Understand what it is you want. For example, write down a brief outlining why you need a new website
  • Understand what you will be getting. For example a single page website vs multi-page
  • Understand what you want your website to do in the future. For example allow users to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Find websites and designs that you like
  • Find out where your current website is hosted
  • Find out who created your domain name for you
  • Find out if you require a domain name
  • Find out if you need help after the build of your website
  • Will you need website hosting for it
  • Will you need help maintaining the website
  • Will you need a digital strategy to help drive user engagement

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Still confused?

Still not sure if we can help? Here is a list of things that we have compiled that can help you.

What type of website do you want?

Brochure or one-page websites tend to be ideal for a WordPress. These types of websites are quick and easy for marketing teams or non-technical individuals to promote a business or service and provide contact details. The key focus for these types of websites is simplicity and ease of use that will help get your message across to site visitors. These websites tend to be ideal for:

  • Simple portfolios
  • Photographers
  • Community or local businesses
  • One time events

As your business starts to grow, you may have the need to support members, logins, eCommerce, databases or integrate with external systems. In cases like this, it would be a better solution to use Umbraco CMS as a platform.

Our 5 Step Web Design & Development Approach

We understand that building a website can be confusing, but we are here to help you on your journey.

  1. Analysis
    Understand your business
    Understand your requirements and budget
    Research your competitors
  2. Proposal
    Develop design concept
    Send you a customised website proposal
    Agree upon website design and scope
  3. Implement
    Build, design & write content for you
    Test & get feedback from you
    Make website changes where required
    Optimise your website for all devices
  4. Deploy
    Go live with website
  5. Free Training
    We provide you training for your website

Ready to work with us? Lets have a chat on +61 (08) 7111 3390

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